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6 Top Tips 
for your dog this summer 

When the sun's out, it's like a big yellow sign saying 'walkies' to your dog. It's the same for us humans, for that matter. And while you and your dog are out making the most of the summer, it’s important they don’t overdo things or sizzle like a sausage.


Here are some top tips from our resident vet, Dr Holly Mash, to keep your dog safe and healthy this summer. 


Some dogs don’t seem to have much ‘sun-sense’ so you’ll need to move them into the shade when they get too hot!

Tarmac can get too hot for the sensitive pads on your dog’s feet, so have your dog’s walk early in the morning or later in the evening when it's cooler, and stay out of the sun (especially between 12-3pm when it's strongest).


Always have a fresh supply of water readily available for your dog during the hot weather.

Keep your dog hydrated and cool with flavoured ice cubes to crunch on - try adding a little chicken stock or apple juice.

Always take water and a bowl when you're out with your dog so they can drink whenever, wherever.

If you're at a dog friendly café or restaurant, most places will be happy to provide water for your four legged friend - just ask!


Pets need sun protection too - especially those with light colouring.

Use special pet friendly, high factor sun cream to protect their noses, ear tips and any white or hairless parts of their bodies.

Steer clear of using human sun cream on your dog as the perfumes and other chemicals may irritate their skin.


Steer clear of beaches in high summer as there's not enough shade. Many beaches ban dogs during this time, too.

Wash and dry your pooch’s paws thoroughly when you get home - sand between their toes can be very uncomfortable.

Always pick up after your dog at the beach.


Ticks are most problematic in spring, early summer and autumn and are usually found near livestock or in woodland areas.

The most common places to spot ticks on your dog are on the head, around their ears, or legs.

Use preventative tick control products and check your dog after walks – especially after going through long grass.

Use a tick-remover to remove any ticks straight away. Ask your vet to show you how (there’s a simple technique) before trying it yourself.


Make lots of stops so your dog can have a drink, stretch their legs and have a toilet break.

For safe and comfy car journeys use secure pet carriers or dog seat belts.

For day trips, make sure that you’ve packed a bowl, plenty of water, some food, poop bags, a towel, an extra lead and your dog’s bed or blanket to lie on.

Never leave your dog in the car, even for a moment. Even on a cool day the inside of a car can reach critically high temperatures within minutes.

Remember - stay cool, keep hydrated and be safe. Here's to a sensational summer for you and your dog!


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