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6 Top Tips 
for your cat this summer 

When the sun’s shining, everyone heads outside to make the most of it. Even (and especially) cats. Indeed, many felines love to act like a sundial, following the sun around and basking in glorious heat.  

Here are some tips from our resident vet, Dr Holly Mash, to keep your cat safe and healthy this summer, and stop them from overdoing things. 


Always have fresh water available for your cat during the hot weather as, not being big drinkers, they can dehydrate quickly.

Cool and hydrate your cat with flavoured ice cubes to crunch on - try adding a little chicken stock or apple juice.

Put plenty of water dishes around the house and garden so your cat is never far from their next drink.

Water fountains are a great way of encouraging your cat to drink enough water.

In very hot weather, try adding a little water to your cat’s food.


Encourage your cat to seek out quiet, shady areas for themselves by putting a box or nest bed there.

Cats prefer heights, so placing their bed somewhere up high will be most appealing for them.

If you don’t have much natural shade outside, you can rig up a sunshade or screen instead.

Some cats don’t seem to have much ‘sun-sense’ so will need you to move them into the shade when they get too hot!


For cats that are indoors only, try to bring some of the outdoors inside. A good start is to plant up some cat grass (available online or in good pet shops). This means your cat can sample it if they need extra fibre, or to help expel furballs.

Good herbs to grow indoors include catnip and cat mint – but be careful if your cat is too keen on it, or else you may end up with your herbs destroyed and leaves and earth everywhere!


Ticks are most problematic in spring, early summer and autumn and are usually found near livestock or in woodland areas.

Check for ticks on your cat's head, around their ears, or legs.

Use preventative tick control products and check your cat regularly.

Use a tick-remover to remove any ticks straight away. Ask your vet to show you how (there’s a simple technique) before trying it yourself.


Warm conditions inside can be a haven for fleas, so regular flea treatments during summer are essential.

Regular vacuuming and washing your cat’s bed will help to keep the flea count low in the house.


Many cats extend their territory slightly in the summer, so make sure that your cat is microchipped.

Your cat will probably be outside more so check the garden is safe and secure for them, with fences in good repair.

Remember - stay cool, keep hydrated and be safe. Here's to a sensational summer for you and your cat!


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